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Baja Smile Dentistry is just a five-minute walk from the San Ysidro International Border entry point to Mexico.
We have been active members of the local business community over a variety of industries.

Baja Smile Dentistry has family ties deeply integrated in our daily operations:
we are proud to be a family business founded in 2018.

Our goal is to create new smiles every day, “one smile, one family at a time.”
Our specialties include Orthodontics and Fixed Prosthesis.

We have over 5 years of experience working with over 500 patients from all over the United States,
Canada, and Mexico. We treat each customer with personalized care while maintaining high standards in our service.

Our team of specialists in the fields of Prosthesis, Orthodontics and General Dentistry deeply
understand your needs and guide you by the hand towards building the perfect smile.

Border Pass

We know that trying to find your way to the San Ysidro border in Tijuana to return to the U.S. is challenging for even the most experienced Baja veterans. We’ve put together directions that show you step-by-step how to reach the San Ysidro Fast
Pass Lane at the border from the toll road via the newly reopened Via Internacional.

In order to use the Fast Pass Lane for expedited border crossing, you must have a received a Fast Pass from a medical establishment or hotel in Baja. This Fast Pass is good for one-time use only. For more information about the Fast Pass and
establishments where you can get a pass, visit our Fast Pass Page.

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